Policies and General Information

The 2019 Information packet will be available approximately three to four weeks before the camp. Please check back for more information.


Youth are expected to abide by the BYU Dress and Grooming Standards at all camp activities, including meals. The Cannon Center will not allow youth to enter the cafeteria if they are not dressed according to BYU standards. Shorts and skirts that are a few inches above the knee, and swimsuits, are not acceptable in the cafeteria.

Read the detailed dress and appearance standards for young men and young women.


All camp participants will receive daily lunches as part of their registration.

Campus Food and Housing Package includes:

Food: Monday (lunch) through Saturday (breakfast)

Housing: Monday night through Friday night

Checkout is Saturday by 9:00 a.m.


You may decide to purchase the food and housing package and stay in the residence halls during your camp experience. You can request a friend as a roommate, or you can choose to be assigned a roommate and make a new friend. The residence halls are fun places to hang out with counselors, play games, talk with new buddies, and relax.

A camp counselor will be there for you and your new friends. You will have a wonderful time getting to know your counselor and will come to love and look up to him or her. The camp counselors are current BYU students, so you can feel free to ask any of them about their college experiences. These camp counselors will also be great support to you throughout the week.

Separate residence hall buildings are provided for girls and boys. Participants of the opposite sex are never allowed in your bedrooms. You can have your new guy or girl friends hang out in the residence hall lobbies.

To make your camp experience pleasant for you and everyone else, make sure you bring enough clean clothes, shampoo, soap, deodorant, and any other toiletries necessary. Towel exchange happens every Wednesday, so if you want another fresh towel, please bring one from home.

Email us if you have questions: cw169@byu.edu


Any participant who requires assistance with medical needs should call the office (801-422-7845) one month before the program begins. This will give us time to make special arrangements (dietary, housing, or other). This includes special medical needs such as those for celiac disease (meals for the week), wheelchairs (handicap access), diabetes (refrigerator for insulin), etc.